I'm Joshua Freemantle

An award winning creative

About me

I'm best known for being the film director of award winning Life of Lowestoft.

Hi I'm Joshua 👋
I live on the sunrise coast otherwise known as Lowestoft, where (you guessed it) we get to see the sunrise first at Britain's most easterly point.

I picked up my first camera aged seven to document what I saw around me – portraits of friends, street-life and the Suffolk coast. Media Studies at high school was my stepping stone to photography and film-making – its history and technical craft – creating short animations and music videos. At 16 I left school and although college didn’t work out, I’ve pursued my professional and creative development as a film-maker ever since.

Growing up in Britain’s most easterly town, right next to the North Sea, I’ve always been aware of Lowestoft’s past prosperity and its current struggles. In 2015 (aged 13), I connected with Lowestoft Rising LCEP (Local Cultural Education Partnership) and the Heritage Action Zones, volunteering to photograph and video local events. Through my dedication, I want my work to be part of the regeneration of the town’s positive identity.

In 2018 I started planning my debut feature-length documentary, Life of Lowestoft, working as researcher, fundraiser, director, cinematographer, editor and marketer. I set out to celebrate Lowestoft’s past, present and future. The documentary premiered, with 14 local screenings to socially-distanced cinema audiences (450) in September 2020 and has, to date, recorded some 10,000 YouTube views.

Over the 5+ years accumulating experience I have received very positive feedback from past clients for my different services including event coverage and client-specific projects.

From my hard work and dedicated approach, I have been nominated for awards.

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